Nashville Home of the Honky Tonks

Going to Nashville was an amazing experience.  Walking around and seeing all of the cool historical places in town made me feel like I was in a fun country city.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is a great place to start.  You can see all of the old records, instruments and entertainer’s costumes from Dolly Parton to Miranda Lambert.  You can even walk through the inside of a huge model guitar.

I wasn’t sure what a “Honky Tonk” was.  Honky Tonk Highway is on lower Broadway. There are lots of little Honk Tonks/bars with live music, a rocking stage and music party that lasts all day, everyday. Kids are are even allowed to go with their parents until 6:00 pm then it becomes adults only.  We saw some recording artists that were really good.  Legends Corner definitely was my favorite place. You never know, you might see someone famous.

Image result for legends bar in nashville

One of our other stops was the Grand Ole Opry.  It’s home of American music and country’s most famous stage. Make sure to book a backstage tour so you can see where all of the famous musicians get ready to perform.  Every performer since the very beginning has stood on the wooden circle from the original  Ryman  Auditorium. When you take the tour they let you stand on the circle by the microphone up on center stage.  It’s a great picture to have!

Image result for circle on stage in grand ole opry in nashvilleWhen you are done at the Opry, you can walk over to the Gaylord resort and you can eat in the glass hotel. It is a pretty amazing site inside the hotel.  Almost like a little city in a glass dome.Image result for gaylord hotel in nashville

More to come soon. Keep it suite!


2 thoughts on “Nashville Home of the Honky Tonks

  1. Nashville looks amazing and I will be travelling there for business in November and staying at the Gaylord. Hope to visit some Honky Tonks that you mentioned. Can’t wait to see your next adventure!


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