Cape May, NJ

When you stay near Congress Hall in Cape May, everything is walkable to Washington Street mall.  There are a lot of boutique shops, coffee houses and restaurants.  It’s a great place to walk around, buy some sweets or souvenirs to bring home.

Cape May has a trolley tour that goes around town.  There is a driver and a local person who tells you all about the history, the great fire that destroyed most of the town in 1878 and the architecture.  It was great how she explained all the different styles and all of the Victorian houses, Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels.  Some have even been redone historically but are considered “Painted Ladies” due to the bright colors.  I loved seeing all the different styles – including turrets. widow’s walks and Italianate style.

A8427A1D-1226-474B-A419-321D8D34CD3B.jpegI loved driving around town and seeing the Cape May Point Lighthouse and the World War 2 lookout tower.  Keep it suite!


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